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A Tribute to my family in WWII

As a boy I developed a passion for WWII airplanes

Flight in B-17 "Texas Raiders" / March 2017

History of "Texas Raiders"


Lewis Air Legends
a great collection of flying Warbirds
including an F4F-3, a P-40C, and P-38F "Glacier Girl"

mid-year Corvettes
my favorite cars

When I first became interested in Corvettes in 1971 the model was in its' third major design. That is, there were three generations of Corvette, Americas sports car. The second generation was produced from the model years 1963 to 1967. These five years were endowed with the Sting Ray name. The name returned in 1969 as one word; Stingray. Being the second generation of three generations, and being produced in the mid-1960's, lead to referring to the 1963-1967 models as 'mid-year' Corvettes. Today, there are eight generations of Corvettes; the latest being introduced for the 2020 model year. The generations are now referred to as C1 to C8. The Stingray name returned again with the C7. For me, the C2 will always be a 'mid-year' and always be my favorite. They are truly an icon of American automotive history.


the finest pneumatic rifle
made in U.S.A.

Military VA Loan Award