A Tribute in Honor of:
my heroes in WWII
The Great Generation who fought and sacrificed, both at home and abroad, to preserve our freedom and for world peace during WWII must always be remembered.

The names appearing in the Honor Roll below are my fathers', my uncles', and the father of my childhood neighborhood friends.

UJ Backus

updated June 6, 2024

My father, Arthur Backus, served in the 2nd Infantry Division from 1940 to 1945. He participated in the liberation of France and landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day+1. He was wounded at St-Lo on July 28, 1944 and returned to England to recuperate before returning to duty. My beloved mother, Amparo, was by his side all the way if only in spirit.

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Honor Roll
Sgt. Arthur W. Backus
Tech 5 Oscar V. Backus
PFC Edward Backus
S1C Charles Backus
PFC Joseph Backus
PO3 Leo Rodriguez
Tech 5 Albert K. Garza

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