Silver Streak and Blue Streak Air Rifles

1949, Sept
1st production Silver Streak
1951/early 52
Patridge front sight introduced
-Made In USA- stamped on right side
forearm attached with roll pins
1952, May
1st production Blue Streak
crescent profile butt stock
1956, June
rear sight attached with set screw and dimples
lower comb on stock
1st "Blue Streak" stamp on left side
5m/m cal. stamped on left side
1960, Aug
contoured trigger guard attached with screw and rivet
beaver tail forearm introduced
1961, May
curved bolt handle pinned to bolt
1961, June
rear sight attached with two set screws
hand guard introduced
1963, Feb
rocker safety introduced
1964, Jan
begin inspection date stamp on left side of receiver
1964, Nov
serrated ramp front sight
1967, July
contoured trigger guard attached with two rivets
1968, March
smooth flat top receiver
curved bolt handle welded to bolt
1971, April
clip-on rear sight
1971, July
1st left handed model
1972, April
begin serial number with 000001 (see link below)
hole in bolt handle made shallow
hole in bolt handle eliminated
barrel extended over muzzle cap
1977, April
"C-Series" stamp on left side
1978, Feb
round top receiver
1979, April
short ramp front sight
1979, June
Air Hole Do Not Oil stamp on bottom of tube
1979, Sept
double sear trigger introduced
1984, Jan
receiver drilled for Williams peep sight

Benjamin and Sheridan product dates / SN table