Founded in 1945 by Mr. Ed Wackerhagen and Mr. Bob Kraus of Racine, Wisconsin,
Sheridan Products Inc. were manufacturers of the finest air rifles made in the USA.
Many are still in use today and highly sought after by collectors.

The Model A "Super-Grade" was the first pneumatic rifle introduced by Sheridan. It was followed by the Mode B "Sporter".
Both of these rifles were designed to fire .20 caliber (5mm) cylindrical pellets known as Bantam 5's ammunition.
All subsequent Sheridan pellet rifles fired this same ammunition as well as the later .20 caliber "diabolo" pellets.
Pictures and information of the classic Model A and Model B rifles can be found on the following Registries:

Model A "Super-Grade" Registry
Model B "Sporter" Registry

Model A Super-Grade video by Jon Brooks of Northwest Airguns

Due to the high price of the "Super-Grade" and "Sporter" models, sales were slow.
To stay in business Sheridan introduced the Model C "Silver Streak" which was marketed at a competitive price.
The Model C was soon joined by the Model CB "Blue Streak".

These models stayed in production for many years during which several design changes were implemented.
Date of production can be determined by the design features in addition to date codes and serial numbers on later production.

Dating your Silver Streak or Blue Streak
click here for a basic table of production dates


Sheridan expanded their business in the mid-1970's with the introduction of the Model F CO2 rifles.
They were available in Silver Streak and Blue Streak models.

The CO2 rifles share the design features of the pneumatic rifles from the same era.
Later production CO2 rifles are referred to as F-SERIES.
Similarly, later production pneumatic rifles are referred to as C-SERIES.


Sheridan was purchased by The Benjamin Air Rifle Co. in 1977.
In 1991 the C9-SERIES and F9-SERIES replaced the previous models.

These new rifles were a Benjamin design, thus bringing an end to the original Sheridan designs.


Sheridan also produced tranquilizer dart guns for the animal control business.
They were available in both pneumatic and CO2 models.

Tranquilizer guns were not sold to the general public and early models are quite rare.


Also of special interest are the Sheridan paintball markers from the 1980's.
These classic CO2 powered guns were produced in several configurations and are referred to as the K-SERIES.


Crosman purchased Benjamin/Sheridan in 1992 and moved production to their NY facilities.
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sheridan the Model C9PB was produced as a limited edition in 1998


More detailed information on Sheridan air guns can be found in the following books:

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"Sheridan Air Rifle Repair Manual"
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