Classic American Air Rifles

A comprehensive reference by UJ Backus
Second Edition

To the collector of American air guns the name SHERIDAN is synonymous with quality, performance, and
pride in ownership. The first Sheridan Pneumatic Rifles from the late 1940ís and early 1950ís are among the most
prized of any air gun collection. The fine pneumatic and CO2 powered rifles which followed provide the collector
with several variations to pursue; some of which are quite rare. In addition to collector value, Sheridan rifles
continue to fulfill the purpose for which they were built. More than a few are still in the hands of the original owners.
As a collector, shooter, and enthusiast of Sheridan air rifles I have acquired much knowledge which I detailed in
the first edition of this book. This second edition includes updated information, added Sections with details on
tranquilizer guns and paintball markers, and many more color photos. The Showcase at the end of the book will
surely capture the interest of every Sheridan collector......................................................................................

150 pages of detailed information on Company history,
all models of pellet rifles, tranquilizer guns, paintball markers,
shipping boxes, hand books, pellet containers, and more.
an invaluable book for every collectors library / $49 plus shipping

Sheridan Air Rifle Registry
Model A "Super-Grade" and Model B "Sporter"
Sheridan Carbine
short barrel version of the classic rifle
Blue Streak .68 cal
pneumatic paintball marker
Dating your Silver Streak or Blue Streak
click here for a basic table of production dates
Sheridan Air Rifle Repair Manual
pellet guns_tranquilizer guns_paintball markers
Revision 4.1
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