Sheridan Air Guns
Pellet Rifle Models from 1947-1997

e-book by UJ Backus

Being a collector, shooter, and enthusiast of Sheridan air rifles for many years I have acquired much knowledge which I detailed in my book that is titled "SHERIDAN/Classic American Air Rifles", published in 2011. The second edition of that book, published in 2014, included information on tranquilizer guns and paintball markers. There was also much information on pellets, shipping boxes, hand books, and literature in the Appendix of those two publishings. The books are out of print but an abridged edition is available as an e-book.

The e-book, being an abridged edition of my printed books, focuses primarily on just the pellet rifles. The information is the same as found in my printed books with a slightly different format. There is also some new information that has been discovered since the last publishing of my printed book. The history of Sheridan Products Inc. is well documented in many places, including my printed books, and is not presented in the e-book in detail.

Super-Grade and Sporter
Silver Streak and Blue Streak
C-Series and C9-Series
F/F-Series and F9-Series
Serial number table
Chronology table
Special collection


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Sheridan A/B Registry (off-line)
est. 2007
current rifles registered: 215 A's and 60 B's

Sheridan Super-Grade article
Sheridan A/B dates of production
Sheridan air rifle Preservation and Restoration


The following Repair Manuals are free and available upon request
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Sheridan A/B Repair Manual and supplements
Silver Streak/Blue Streak Repair Manual

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