Founded in 1945 by Mr. Ed Wackerhagen and Mr. Bob Kraus of Racine, Wisconsin,
Sheridan Products Inc. were manufacturers of the finest pneumatic rifle made in the USA

To quote Mr. Wackerhagen; "The idea started in 1945 as a sort of hobby and to give my son a better air rifle than anything then on the market. My close friend, Bob Kraus, ........................a design engineer, as well as an excellent amateur gunsmith, designed and made the first Sheridan by hand. It out-performed and out-looked every air rifle by such a wide margin that everyone who saw and shot it wanted one."

The Model A Super-Grade and the Model B Sporter are the rifles which represent the original Sheridan concept as envisioned by the founders. These rifles were produced in low quantities and are fairly rare today. In 2007 a Registry was begun for the purpose of collecting data for the Model A and Model B rifles. The Registry is also a showcase for these fine rifles....... click here to visit the Registry


All Sheridan pellet rifles are chambered for .20 caliber. During the development of the Model A it was determined through much testing that the .20 caliber pellet was superior in retaining velocity and delivered excellent penetration. Information on Sheridan pellets and containers can be found on the following links:

Sheridan pellets part 1 by Ken Walker
Sheridan pellets part 2 by Ken Walker

The Super-Grade and Sporter were followed by the Silver Streak and Blue Streak models which Sheridan is best known for. These models underwent several design changes during their long production run. Detailed information on all the Sheridan pellet rifles was presented in my book "SHERIDAN / Classic American Air Rifles". The book is out of print and difficult to obtain so I am offering an abridged edition as an e-book.

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Repair Manuals are available at no cost.
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