Founded in 1945 by Mr. Ed Wackerhagen and Mr. Bob Kraus of Racine, Wisconsin,
Sheridan Products Inc. were manufacturers of the finest air rifles made in the USA

The Model A "Super-Grade" was the first pneumatic rifle introduced by Sheridan. It was followed by the Model B "Sporter".
Both of these classic rifles were designed to fire .20 caliber (5mm) cylindrical pellets known as Bantam 5's ammunition.
All subsequent Sheridan pellet rifles fired this same ammunition as well as the later .20 caliber "diabolo" pellets.

Sheridan Air Rifle Registry
Model A "Super-Grade" and Model B "Sporter"

Sheridan is best known for the "Silver Streak" and "Blue Streak" models which were produced for over 40 years.
Dating your Silver Streak or Blue Streak

For extensive information on all Sheridan pellet guns, tranquilizer guns, and paintball markers refer to the following books:

"SHERIDAN / Classic American Air Rifles"
by UJ Backus

"Know Your SHERIDAN Rifles & Pistols"
by Ronald E. Elbe

"Sheridan Air Rifle Repair Manual"
Revision 4.3 by UJ Backus....updated 1/12/2016
click here to download

Repair Manual Supplement A
for Model A and B piston/pump cup
available upon request


Sheridan repair kit with tool

Pellets to shoot in your classic Sheridan

Sheridan pellets part 1 by Ken Walker
Sheridan pellets part 2 by Ken Walker
comprehensive information on pellets and containers

Sheridan Model C Manuals by Ken Walker
information on Silver Streak/Blue Streak Hand Books

Trev's Airgun Scrapbook
Dedicated to all airgun collectors..... and yesteryear!

Model A Super-Grade video

Postwar Air Rifles by Dave Trull
informative article about air rifles introduced between 1946 and 1949