Custom Sheridan Air Rifles

Although my main interest is in rifles that are in original factory configuration and finish, I also have an appreciation for some custom work. Here is a sampling of a few customs I have built. Please note that the rifles used to build these customs were in poor condition with damage to the wood and/or barrel/air tube.

I was inspired to build a .20 cal Sheridan carbine after seeing a Benjamin 397C. The rifle at top is the standard Blue Streak shown with the carbine for comparison. The carbine can be pumped up to ten times for a muzzle velocity of 600fps. Easy to pump and fun to shoot with that inherent Sheridan accuracy. I have built three of these; two Blue and the Silver pictured below.


This 1957/58 vintage Blue Streak was sent to me by a collector to be restored. Since he is left handed I offered to make the rifle ambidextrous. I got the idea after seeing a similar rifle owned by another collector. Photos below show bolt closed in either direction.


A good friend of mine collects vintage Sheridan .68 cal paintball guns. They are powered by CO2 and are a blast to shoot. I wondered how a pneumatic in .68 cal would perform so I built the one shown here. It performs very well for its' intended purpose; fun! It originally had a Sheridan pump lever which I later replaced with the Benjamin lever to give it a 'shotgun' look.

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