Building a Sheridan Carbine

Why do all this work you ask?
Because it's challenging, it's rewarding, it's fun, and the finished product is unique!

choose a suitable donor gun
this receiver was drilled for Williams peep sight but the holes are too large
the front sight has also been filed down a bit
the forearm wood is from an earlier gun and has chips and minor cracks that will be repaired

donor stock is also from an earlier gun and very rough
cut 13/16" from forward end
cut butt to desired LOP; 3/4" was removed from this one
this one is also being fitted with a Sheridan butt plate

cut barrel to 16 7/16" measured from front of receiver
cut air tube to 20 1/16" overall
stuff rag down into tube before cutting to keep shavings away from valve body

make paper template for locating muzzle cap roll pin holes and front sight

carefully mark and drill roll pin holes checking for proper alignment with cap
fit front sight and solder in place
polish barrel muzzle and cut in new crown

extend slot on bottom of tube to 7 7/16"
drill 7/64 inlet hole at 9 1/4"
clean up all burrs, especially from inside of tube

cut pump rod flush at crosshead and drill out remainder of rod which is pressed into crosshead
hole in crosshead is too large for 1/4-20 tap so drill out and firmly press in a 1/4-20 nut
cut 1/4-20 threads onto 7/8" of end of rod

assemble for initial length of 4 3/4" and secure with jamb nut

cut 1 1/2" from end of pump lever and reshape dog leg as shown
drill new hole of appropriate size for lever link rivet 3 1/4" on center with forward hole
make new hole on bottom of lever 3/4" forward of existing hole for locating return spring if being used

shorten link to 4 1/4" with angle cut as shown
drill new hole of appropriate size for attaching rivet 3 1/2" on center with crosshead attaching hole

cut front of forearm wood to shorten to 11 1/2"; shape to desired curvature
temporarily install pump lever to locate forearm wood attaching holes

we are now ready for assembly, testing, and final finishing


pump lever, link, and forearm assembled

carbine assembled for testing; rear sight is temporary

testing was satisfactory; now on to the final finishing


and here is the completed carbine

overall length 34 1/4", LOP 13"

rocker style safety

high comb stock, slender forearm attached with screws

pinned bolt handle, contoured trigger guard, Williams receiver sight

ramp front sight

Sheridan butt plate