The last Super-Grade

This was the personal rifle of Mr. I.R. 'Bob' Kraus, designer of the Sheridan Model A "Super-Grade" air rifle.

Model A Super-Grade Sheridan Pneumatic Rifle. Serial #00789
This rifle was assembled from the parts upon the display board which was used at the New York NSGA Show in 1948. From 1948 to the early 1970's, some of the parts had been pilfered from the board. (Receiver,Pump lever) which were replaced by later parts. Note the double pin holes in the fore end due to the later parts set-back in the lever dog leg. This rifle was assembled by Rudy Weibel & Andrew Sabol for I.R. Kraus and is the last STANDARD Mod. A Sheridan produced at Sheridan Products Inc.
Shoots "Paton Top Shelf" very well

Notice on the box Mr. Kraus wrote "This stays as long as I". It is not known when the rifle was assembled, but when Benjamin bought out Sheridan the rifle went with Mr. Kraus.

NSGA is the National Sporting Goods Association. The Sheridan booth is pictured below with the parts display board to the far left.

Sheridan is known to have experimented with several designs of the .20 cal pellet. "Paton Top Shelf" refers to one of these designs.

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