SN 00610

"I found (this Model A) about 30 years ago when my neighbor was having a yard sale. I was about 15 years old. I saw a rifle stock on a shelf and asked what it was and he pulled down a box of parts. He said he bought it several years earlier....but never put it together. He wasn't sure if all the parts were there or not so he sold it to me for $10. He said if I couldn't get it working to come back and he would give me my money back. Well, a local gun guy put it together for $3.00 and it shot perfect. The gun is complete. The stock was refinished some time ago and also there appears to be some holes that have been filled in where the "Sheridan" emblem is engraved. Not sure what happened; maybe somebody had a scope on it. I never really knew much about the gun but I thought it was pretty special after I took it to a gun show about 20 years ago and was (made an offer) for it 5 minutes after I walked in the building."

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