SN 00430

"The 87 year old gentleman, who sold it to me, said he was 20 years old, survived WW2 and two cases of meningitis, came home to Racine, and went to work for a landscape & lawncare company. Mr. Wackerhagen was one of their clients. He and Mr. W would often talk about the War and shooting. He told Mr. W that he had a Benjamin pellet rifle that he liked and would shoot often. One day Mr.W invited him to visit the 13th St. plant. After a tour of the plant, Mr. W took him to his office. On the wall behind his desk was #430. After some talk about the Company, Mr. W took #430 off the wall and gave him the rifle for his service to his Country. He owned the rifle for 67 years until he sold it to me.

For me, the story illustrated once again the kind of person Mr. Wackerhagen was. What a great guy !!!!!"

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