SN 00420

"I am amazed by how good the gun is. It is fantastic. I have quite a few air rifles but the Super Grade is truly special.

The pump effort to power ratio is the best of all my pumpers.
Nothing new for [those who own these] of course, but it is something else to read it than to experience it in real life.

Also the accuracy is great. And then the engineering of the hammer assy in the SG. The hammer guide which also works as a sear and to cock the gun. The way it is guided by these two notches in the slotted tube. The safety. The trigger sear adjustment system. But mostly the solid aluminium block.

My words come from the heart and I still can't grasp the fact that this was Mr Kraus' and Mr Wackerhagen's first design - simply genius, bull's eye, miles ahead. Truly impressive..........I get visions of the time this gun was made. The style, people wearing a tie, nice old Cadillacs..........a rose tinted vision, but a pleasant one nonetheless."

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