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There are several products that can be used for cleaning, preserving and restoring and every owner has their favorite. Some of the products pictured below were used for the rifles presented here. In general start cleaning with the least abrasive product and use products that best duplicate factory original finishes for restoration.

with careful cleaning and light restoration this rifle is now in fine to excellent condition
missing parts of correct vintage were sourced and rifle tuned for maximum power

receiver was cleaned with aluminum jelly and #0000 steel wool
don't over do it; don't polish; don't bead blast

barrel, tube, and other parts cleaned with alcohol
after cleaning, 75% of original factory finish was realized and preserved

after cleaning dirt and grim from stock the factory finish was preserved with a coat of light oil
this brought out the color and sheen while not altering the original surface texture
scratches and marks from use remain, preserving character
if sanded, all this would be lost

rust cleaned from metal parts with steel wool
then coated with a metal protecting oil to preserve original finish
PB Blaster works well to guard against rust

this area of the stock needed restoration using a heavier oil
do not sand; use #0000 steel wool lightly to blend in area with surrounding original finish
butt plate also received a light coat of preserving oil to bring out the color

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