Swaged .20 caliber slugs


Making .20 caliber(5mm) slugs from .22 caliber(5.5mm) pellets is quite simple

It has been difficult to find .20 cal ammo for some time so I had been toying with the idea of making it from .22 cal pellets. I came across the following thread which motivated me to give it a try: Caliber changing a pellet. Following is the method I came up with. The slugs perform well in my Blue Streak and Super-Grade. I hope you will find this helpful, Cheers!

swaged slug made from the Premier .22 hollow point pellet

brass or aluminum works well to make swage
drill through with 13/64 bit
drill one side half way through with 7/32 bit
keep holes as concentric as possible

secure swage in vise and drive pellet through with suitable punch

leave slug attached to punch and shape head to slight taper with pencil sharpener

size head to .198 at largest end of taper
muzzle of your rifle can be used to check size
the slug should insert freely up to the trailing edge of head

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